Strategy & Planning

A strategic plan starts with a healthy dose of reality.

In order to bring your healthcare organization to the next level (and fill your roster to capacity), you need to have a strategic foundation based on a clear understanding of your what your market needs, how your brand is currently perceived, and who your nearest competitors are. Ciniva Health can help you understand your overall positioning and how the pieces of the puzzle fit together to initiate change.

We will conduct an intense marketing audit – both onsite and in our shop. We’ll analyze your site data and compare it that of your competition. We’ll look at where you are and what claims you can make and uncover opportunities. Once we’ve asked the right questions, we’ll be able to show you the delta between where you are and where you could be.

Ciniva Health can work with your team’s stakeholders to listen to functionality requests and determine functionality requirements. We’ll make recommendations and develop timelines for reaching the goals established in this phase.

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Why pick us?

We deliver unmatched experience and expertise for healthcare organizations. We understand the complex workings of healthcare and the importance of creating a goal map that maintains a strong focus on budget as well as return on investment. We back up our recommendations with strong, empirical data. We have the organizational expertise to bring teams together through all phases of a project – including collaborating with additional agencies and vendors for large healthcare organizations that have multiple locations.

  • Individualized plans tailored to your community.
  • Multi-phased approach to ensure growth.
  • Integrated marketing plan both online and print.
  • Strategic plans for both large and small organizations.
  • Integrated custom programming for physician recruitment.
  • Streamlined planning and implementation eliminates overlap.