Social Media

Social media can give your strategy a big shot in the arm.

Why do you need a Facebook page, a YouTube channel, a Twitter account, and a LinkedIn page? Because each one is a very powerful database that helps you connect to and interact with thousands of potential customers, patients and partners every day.

Savvy healthcare organizations are using social media tools as a way to educate and inform about healthcare issues in real time… and to mobilize the media as their information partner. Many large and small practices are using social media tools as an enhancement to customer service, reaching consumers, resolving issues, and identifying praise-worthy team building moments.

Social media changes the playing field from one of simply broadcasting to one of innovation and inclusion. Consumers who believe their opinion is being heard are more loyal, more committed, and more likely to advocate for you through their own social networks.

Social Media Marketing

Why pick us?

Ciniva Health understands that hospitals have special needs and requirements when it comes to communications. Information must be precise, credible, knowledgeable, and authoritative. Ciniva Health has expertise in helping healthcare organizations build audiences, spark conversations, and establish strong foundations. Real-time customer data delivers unmatched insight into the community you serve. They’re already talking. Are you listening?

  • Connect with patients and address issues.
  • Identify community needs and wants.
  • Educate and inform on vital health topics.
  • Connect with referring physicians.
  • Identify media sources seeking stories.
  • Mobilize instantly during a crisis.