Mobile Web Development

A mobile-friendly website is a vital sign.

Millions of internet users browse the web on their mobile devices. As we move more and more of our lives onto this digital platform, mobile-friendly websites can speed searches, create faster patient connections, and provide vital information. Most importantly, they show that you understand your community and that you value their time.

Your mobile website should be much more than a business card and much less than your whole site scrunched down into tiny window. Your key pages and important, distinguishing claims need to be pulled to the surface and easily navigated. Forms need to be distilled down to critical information only, and phone numbers need to be click-to-call ready.

Our mobile technology puts the best of your site right into the hands of your physicians, your patients, your health seeking community.

mobile website development

Why pick us?

We work with both open source mobile technology and our own custom programming solutions to provide the best mobile solutions for our clients. We will work with you using web best practices and great analytic data to create a unique and useful mobile site that connects quickly, navigates seamlessly, and encourages interaction.

  • Custom and open source programming
  • Multi-platform capability
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Video integration
  • Integrated custom forms
  • Mobile platform best practices