Analytics & Monitoring

Analytics are like a monthly checkup.

Analytic data is the empirical driver of your strategic marketing plan. It tells us who was searching, when they were searching, and how often they were searching — all of which reveal key behavioral patterns and performance indicators. Data that can be measured can be managed!

Google Analytics tell us when your site is performing at its best and when it’s not. This data gives us the jump on potential web health hazards before they become critical. Social media monitoring helps marketing and public relations professionals monitor and protect the image and brand of the health care organization.

Ciniva Health monitors your monthly traffic, including your most (and least) popular pages. When health care organizations have a better understanding of what the community is searching for, they can make wise decisions about where to place critical resources.

analytics and social media monitoring

Why pick us?

We have over two decades of experience in the health care industry and understand that buy-in from stakeholders is critical in moving a marketing strategic plan forward. Ciniva Health will establish a well-known, transparent data tracking system, and provide the skills set to extrapolate the data. With all of the information on the table, marketing professionals, administrative directors and public relations specialists can make informed decisions about how to best serve their community.

  • Google Certified Company
  • Social Monitoring
  • Integrated tools for seamless data
  • Monthly reporting
  • Key indicators revealed
  • Intelligent data review and recommendations