Meet the Team


Steve Van Leeuwen


Steve Van Leeuwen’s real-world expertise and successful Internet marketing track-record provide an added dimension to Ciniva’s healthcare consulting services.

Steve has over fifteen years of experience in executive marketing and business development. Beginning his career with Roche Diagnostics as Worldwide Director of New Product Development and Specialty Markets, Steve was responsible for sales of over $100 million dollars. Products developed from his tenure with Roche, including specialized blood glucose instruments, have enjoyed sales of over one billion dollars. Steve has also served as shareholder and Vice President of Bainbridge Sciences, a Seattle-based biotechnology company that develops unique products for cancer detection. Following the successful sale of the company, he went on to serve as Worldwide Director of Marketing and Business Development For C.R. Bard’s (NYSE:BCR) diagnostic division.

Steve founded Lifelines, a Web-based, health-services directory. He has lead the team of Ciniva to become the largest web development company in Hampton Roads and, if all goes well, Virginia.

Erika Guess

Director of Client Strategy

Erika arrived on her first day here at Ciniva and immediately started whipping us into shape. With more than a decade of experience in marketing and public relations, Erika was happy for the opportunity to step into her role as project manager. Her history of being a one-woman marketing department has prepared her well to manage all the moving parts that take a project from idea to completion.

After spending many years in the marketing departments of non-profit organizations, Erika decided to make the jump to an agency environment. By the time she found her way to Ciniva, she’d mastered the arts of multitasking and adaptability — valuable skills when dealing with a motley crew like us. A woman of many talents, she’s especially fond of account management and gets excited about working directly with our amazing clients.

When she’s not herding cats around the Ciniva office, Erika is a fashion fanatic and a lover of contemporary art and design. You can tell she means business when she breaks out one of her many pairs of fierce shoes.

Nate Fender

Director of Business Development

When Nate arrived at Ciniva, he brought with him a solid background working in project management, digital advertising and digital marketing for award winning creative agencies and YouTube celebrities. Nate’s a go-getter whose high standards and industry expertise help to develop and refine new client strategies. He’s an expert in digital advertising (he’s Google Adwords & Analytics IQ certified), a dynamic project leader and a strategic thinker with 20/20 big-picture vision.

As our Director of Business Development, Nate works closely with new clients to help identify and solve their digital problems with a focus on creating powerful results. He moves projects from the sidelines onto the field with a clear understanding of expectations, strategy and timeline. Nate’s passion and drive for innovation, growth and excellence are an inspiration to both our team and our clients.

When Nate leaves work each day, he heads home to his wife, their 2 dogs, 2 birds and hopefully a burrito. A seasoned traveler with more than 25 countries stamped into his passport, he’s constantly in pursuit of his next global adventure (and, again, a burrito).

Saige Yonika

Art Director

Saige blew into Ciniva like a crisp, cool Boston breeze – and immediately knocked us out with her powerhouse portfolio. A true creative strategist and natural storyteller, her innovative designs and thoughtful details bring life and personality to every brand on which she collaborates.

Before coming to work at Ciniva Web Agency, she worked as an art director and graphic designer, working with brands such as Bermuda Tourism, HBO, and The Massachusetts State Lottery. She brought life to RSA’s INFOSEC character campaign and smoothly transitioned National Geographic Learning into the new merged brand National Geographic Learning/Cengage Learning. Saige’s bubbly personality and straight up passion for her work inspire the entire team – both on the client side and in-house.

As our Art Director, we look to Saige to guide the entire creative process from wireframe to final design as well as protect the design aesthetic and user experience. Fortunately, Saige is a gifted motivator, a natural charmer and a true Northerner. Surrender is a given.

On the weekends, you’ll find Saige snapping photos about town, rolling her eyes at slow walkers, snacking on mini-gherkins (they’re so tiny), playing with her dog Sadie, and puttering around the bay in her boat.


Mira Roberts

Senior Content Manager

Mira has nearly a decade of experience working in copywriting, social media, marketing and public relations. Her genuine enthusiasm for storytelling and digital media, combined with her predisposition for multi-tasking and goal crushing, have made her a natural addition to our team from the start.

As our Senior Content Manager, Mira works closely with our clients and our team to develop creative campaigns through social media, digital and traditional advertising and email marketing. She is responsible for developing and maintaining our clients’ voices and brand personalities, calling on a combination of intuition and industry experience to create compelling content that connects with a variety of audiences.

When Mira isn’t working with words at Ciniva, she enjoys working the playground with her two toddlers and husband or lounging at home with with a good glass of wine and a solid plate of snicky snacks.

Hannah Harbin

Content Specialist

If Hannah were an animal, we’re pretty sure she’d be a well-dressed octopus with great hair. It seems like she has eight arms to catch all the tasks we throw at her on a daily basis, and she maintains a wonderfully relaxed, go-with-the-flow attitude even in the midst of occasional office chaos or a last-minute deadline.

With her journalism background, Hannah brings some solid writing chops to the table. She’s utilized said chops to provide much-needed support to our SEO, social media and content development departments. Her attention to detail, enthusiasm for research and multi-tasking superpowers make her a valuable asset to the team.

Outside of Ciniva, Hannah further utilizes her mastery of the English language as an ESL tutor. She’s also a self-proclaimed cat whisperer. We think she should combine these talents and teach cats to speak English.

Tamara Yusubov

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Tamara is our search optimization manager, keyword strategist, and social media specialist.

As an expert in web analytics and search engine marketing, Tamara works to get our clients as much screen time as possible. Experienced in pay-per-click campaigns and social media marketing, she thinks like a potential customer to find the best ways to boost your rankings and turn your clicks into cash. It’s a process that takes the perfect combination of data analysis, budgeting, intuition and creativity (which she has in spades). And it’s served our clients very well.

Tamara knows that the details matter. Her background in coding (HTML, HTML5, XHTML, CSS, CSS2, CSS3, Java Script, jQuery, php) is a testament to her attention to detail: from the smallest coding efficiency to every perfectly placed meta title, her work is impeccable. She doesn’t mind going the extra mile to make sure it’s done right – and she’ll do it in stilettos.

After a long day working online, Tamara likes to unwind with the web too – pinning into the wee hours of the morning. She’s become our unofficial office videographer and resident social media expert (ask her a question and settle in for a complete dissertation about emerging trends). Her bubbly personality is uncontainable; 99% of her emails include at least one emoticon! :)

Minh Nguyen

Web Developer

Don’t let his quiet demeanor fool you — Minh is a powerhouse developer and designer. His MO might best be summed up as, “Speak softly and carry a big resume.”
Minh’s finely tuned design aesthetic and love of art consistently inform his development work, ensuring that all of Ciniva’s clients receive a product that has been thoughtfully and beautifully constructed. His artistic eye is backed by some serious skills in HTML5, JQuery, PL/Sql, ActionScript, Flash, Illustrator, CSS3, PHP/MySql, Java, C++, Photoshop, and Dreamweaver.
Minh defies the grungy developer trend by being a super dapper dresser. With his perfectly coiffed hair and variety of stylish outerwear, Minh is essentially the Vietnamese James Dean. Men of Downtown Norfolk, step up your game.

Steve Padget

Systems Developer

Steve (‘Padge’ to us) brings over 20 years experience in computer and deep-level SQL database programming to the Ciniva team. When clients present us with seemingly difficult problems, Steve is our go-to programmer.
Steve worked 10 years at the National Institute of Health, contributing to many significant publications in the field of cardiovascular epidemiology, using computer analysis to discover and quantify risk factors and familial relationships in heart disease. Steve holds an undergraduate degree in mathematics from Case Western University and certifications in JAVA, J2EE, along with Master’s degree in computer science at Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering.
In his spare time, Padge enjoys playing raquetball, dropping blood-pressure raising bait pellets at Steve’s feet, hang gliding, and jacking the ramen noodle cups from the break room.

Robert Kelford

Manager of Technical Services
Rob K

If asked about how he ended up at Ciniva, Rob will tell you dryly, “I applied for a job here.” Not one to stand on pretense, he started work the very next day after his interview and began immediately cracking us up with his pirate voices and Highlander references.

As our Manager of Technical Services, he does a little bit of everything, and he does it exceptionally well. Whether he’s soothing a client over the phone with his calming accent, minding the gap between design and development, or conducting a CMS training, he’s more than happy to roll up his sleeves and help out with whatever task is at hand.

Rob’s work history includes everything from managing an international game development team to washing pots and pans in the kitchen of a top secret government agency. He might also be James Bond, but he’s not at liberty to divulge that information. He can, however, tell you how to order spaghetti in Italian.

Wendy Maness

Operations Manager

Wendy is our Client Specialist, handling client relations, accounting and bookkeeping, and office management with the deft precision that comes from over fourteen years in management and almost a decade of running her own business.

But in addition to managing the nuts and bolts that keep Ciniva Web Agency running on a daily basis, Wendy is a creative powerhouse. She’s become our office photographer, videographer, and graphic designer extraordinaire. She’s our Girl Friday, rising to every challenge that gets thrown her way.

When Wendy’s not working… well, she’s still working. She does photography and design for a variety of arts and non-profit organizations in the Hampton Roads area. She also enjoys grooving to the sweet tunes of Prince, snuggling her cats (Dip and Dot), and following the example of her spirit guide, Wonder Woman.

Kristin Nix

Digital Marketing Specialist

Kristin is our Digital Marketing Specialist and master handler of all things Account Services.

At Ciniva, Kristin harnesses her high energy and technical chops to help new clients navigate their digital marketing needs after their initial introduction. Working directly with clients on menu, content structuring, Google AdWords and Google Analytics (she’s certified in both), she moves projects from start to strategy and all with a mega-watt smile.

Kristin guides her collaborations with clients using equal parts critical thinking and creative intuition. With a degree in Human Biology and a publication in Science Magazine, she has a solid background in medical research and a knack for using hard data to solve problems-two characteristics that make her almost hard wired for search engine success.

Kristin’s curiosity and zest for life extend beyond Ciniva’s front doors and into her active life with her husband and handsome dog, Fuzzy. When Kristin isn’t tackling her to-do list at work, she can be found whipping up a culinary masterpiece in her kitchen, traveling near and far and soaking up the sun on the beach with her friends and family.

Jennifer Reilly

Digital Marketing Specialist

After 12 years of experience working with websites, Jennifer is kind of a big deal. Of those 12 years, 7 were dedicated to SEO & SEM. Certified in Adwords, specializing in Search & Display ads and proficient in Analytics; Jenn’s organizational and analytical skills were the icing on the Google cake.

As Digital Marketing Specialist, Jenn uses her mastery of SEO and PPC to keep our campaigns lucrative and our clients satisfied. Her approach to a new account is much like our approach to ordering lunch – eager, deliberate and decisive. Her attention to detail and strong industry knowledge, combined with clear organizational skills and passion for analyzing data to drive results earned her an extra-full plate when she walked through the doors at 251 Granby.

Outside of the office, Jenn spends her time appreciating German food and culture, painting whatever catches her eye and sailing with her husband, as well as the occasional glass of red wine.

Aram Avetissian

Custom Code Developer

Aram brings over 18 years of programming and IT experience to the team of CWA, along with an indomitable spirit and innovative and creative mind. Aram, simply never says “no,” rather, he sees every challenge as an opportunity to gain knowledge and expertise. His track record of success is a testament to his unending thirst for new knowledge. The more clients ask us to raise the bar, the more Aram continues to exceed it.

A trained database programmer with vast experience in Microsoft® systems, Aram started programming at 14 and owned his own PC building services business at 19. He went on to create his own e-commerce business that consistently generates over a million dollars in sales. He has dual degrees in Economics and Computer Sciences from Walsh University in Canton, Ohio. He has developed over 200 websites with his expertise in commerce, database, mobile applications and content managed systems.

Aram continues to push Ciniva forward by programming in HTML5 as well as blazing new trails on the mobile and application frontier.