We are a full-service design agency specializing in web design, development, marketing, social media and SEO.

Selected Work

medical web design and healthcare marketing for inMotion

Bon Secours – In Motion

Well respected by peers and well liked by patients, the In Motion brand was heavily handicapped by an under-performing web and social platform.

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medical website development and marketing for Good Health

The Group For Women

13 extraordinary physicians, a thriving practice and a unique approach to women’s care are finally showcased through a modernized logo and gorgeous layout.

dental marketing and web design for Abbey Horwitz

Dr. Abbey Horwitz, DDS

With a 30 year track record and stack of awards, the challenge was creating a site that showcased the artistry behind crafting a really gorgeous smile.

orthopedic marketing and web design for Virginia Orthopedic and Spine Specialists

Virginia Orthopedic and Spine Specialists

Ciniva Health pinned in a straight and strong web platform to act as the backbone for the multitude of services they perform.

About Us

With more than two decades of healthcare experience both in house and in the field, Ciniva Health is uniquely positioned to keep your medical web design and healthcare marketing plan on track and in budget. Learn about Ciniva Health and meet the team – our heart and soul.

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What We Do

Strategy & Planning

A killer strategy has to be based on both empirical and anecdotal evidence. We start every project with a conversation where you tell us what you know about your business. We’ll back it up with analytics to leverage opportunities based on consumer behavior.

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Design & Development

Your website is the beating heart of your strategy. With a strong design, well constructed language and carefully chosen photography and copy, your website will send and receive vital information to your marketing extremities.

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Marketing & Advertising

As a true agency, Ciniva Health can pull together 100% of your health marketing strategy from online ads to in-hand brochures to ensure brand consistency and the highest return on investment.

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Social Media

Social Media tools act as the lifeblood of your strategy. It can put information about your brand into the hands of millions of users within seconds, allowing to create and utilize a social network of loyal advocates.

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Search Engine Optimization

No matter how how beautiful your site is, how talented your team is or how well credentialed you are, your site will still go under the search engine microscope. Search engine optimization ensures that your site passes those check ups with flying colors.

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Analytics & Monitoring

Ciniva Health employs a professional team to install, monitor and discern valuable data from your analytic reports. These reports do more than tell you about your website, they reveal key information about the current and future success of your entire marketing plan.

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Custom Web Development

Custom solutions can help bring legacy systems and models onto the web. Ciniva Systems can integrate current systems, devise unique solutions to solve problems and implement a technological strategy that streamlines processes.

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Mobile Web Development

Mobile platforms search differently, present uniquely and function spectacularly. Rather than squeeze your site into a tiny box, Ciniva Health will remove the fat and allow a sleeker, more svelte site to take the stage.

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